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Our expertise is creating products and solutions that redefine how digital assets and identities are managed, verified, and utilized in a decentralized world.

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Builds and Creations

The technology developed here empowers users with greater control over their digital identities and assets, ensuring transparent and secure interactions. Strong authentication and adherence to regulations are at the core of these solutions, providing compliant engagement with blockchain.

Blockchain Infrastructure
Developing foundational platforms and systems, including Layer 0 solutions.
Real-World Assets Tokenization
Transforming physical and digital assets into tokens and digital objects.
License Agreements
Our system ensures that licenses are automatically transferred and tracked alongside the exchange of values on-chain.
Digital Asset Management
Efficiently managing various digital assets, from cryptocurrencies to tokenized assets.
Web2 to Web3 Bridge
Our solution provides users with a custom wallet, eliminating the complexity of traditional crypto wallet setups.
Smart Contract Design and Implementation
Automating and streamlining agreements with expert smart contract technology and standards
Regulatory Compliance and Security
Ensuring our solutions are secure and compliant, and protect data integrity with focus on regulation.
Document Verification and Digital Signatures
Ensuring every signed document is tamper-proof, with the ability to track its authenticity and confirm its validity.

Rising as One for Collective Success

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On-chain Certificates

Certification Platform

Innovative Certification: Harness the power of blockchain to issue and manage digital certificates with enhanced security and authenticity.

Verifiable Credentials: Each certificate is easily verifiable, ensuring credibility and trust.

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Registration and VerificationComing Soon

Token Registry

Token Registration and Verification: A reliable platform for registering and verifying newly created tokens, ensuring legitimacy and trust.

Tracking: Easily track token holders and their balances, offering a clear view of token distribution.


Real-World AssetsComing Soon

RWA Launchpad and Marketplace Platform

Tokenization: Transform real-world assets into tokens, opening up new investment opportunities.

Integrated Marketplace and Redemption: Features an embedded marketplace and redemption functionalities, streamlining the tokenization process.

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NFT Marketplace

Open NFT Marketplace on Solana

NFT Trading Platform: Create and trade NFTs on our open marketplace built on the Solana blockchain.

Embedded Licenses in NFTs: Unique feature allowing users to embed licenses into their NFTs.

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WalletOpen Source

Unity Solana Wallet

Community Contribution: Our open-source Unity Solana Wallet allows integration of the Solana blockchain into Unity projects.

Enhanced Unity Projects: Empower your Unity applications with the robust capabilities of Solana.

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WalletOpen Source

Unity Sui Wallet

Innovative Integration: Integrate the Sui Blockchain into your Unity projects with our open-source Unity Sui Wallet.

Expand Your Project's Reach: Leverage the unique features of the Sui Blockchain to enhance your Unity-based applications.

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Coca-Cola HBC Certification Platform

Through collective endeavors with Coca-Cola HBC, a demonstration of an On-chain Certification Platform has been introduced, designed to empower the Coca-Cola Digital Academy.

On-Chain Credentials for Employees

Employees attending the academy receive blockchain-based certifications. Their metadata is securely stored on a decentralized metadata repository crafted by our team, ensuring authenticity and permanence.

Issuance and Sharing

Issuers can effortlessly create and distribute certificates via email. Recipients can mint these certificates on the blockchain and conveniently share their achievements on social networks, enhancing visibility and recognition.

AllArt token

$AART, The Token Powering Our Collective's Ecosystem

$AART is the native digital token championed by our collective, serving as a fundamental element in the ecosystem of products developed by our contributors.

$AART is the fuel of ALL.ART, infusing utility and token economics into the core of our innovative products. With each new product we introduce, $AART integrates to elevate users' experience, making it more accessible and rewarding.

The power of $AART lies in improving the way we own, create, collect, trade, rent, and interact with Digital Object Tokens (DOTs) within ALL.ART Collective.

The use of $AART covers various functions, such as reducing trade fees, staking for better visibility on our platforms, and activating special features. In SolSea, our Open NFT marketplace, these are just a few examples of its diverse applications.

Currently, $AART is accessible on a variety of exchanges and liquidity pools, where it can be traded, swapped, and staked.

Currently, $AART is accessible on a variety of exchanges and liquidity pools, where it can be traded, swapped, and staked.


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“The ability to issue verifiable blockchain-powered certificates has significantly enhanced the value and recognition of our Digital Academy training programs. Credentee.io is a game-changer in digital certification, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this innovation.”

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Milan Topolic
Technology Innovation Manager at Coca-Cola HBC
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“Fast, low-cost NFTs have the potential to bridge legal rights and digital authentication in ways never before possible. I’m delighted the All-Art Protocol is choosing to build on Solana, and look forward to their launch.”

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Anatoly Yakovenko
Co-Founder of Solana Labs