ALL.ART Sets New Standards in Blockchain-Based Certificate Verification with Coca-Cola HBC

ALL.ART Sets New Standards in Blockchain-Based Certificate Verification with Coca-Cola HBC

Launching an advanced solution on Solana, this collaboration authenticates qualifications from the Coca-Cola Digital Academy program, ensuring the integrity and accessibility of on-chain credentials.


ALL.ART, a prominent collective in the Web3 space, has partnered with Coca-Cola HBC to innovate the verification and sharing of educational certificates. This collaboration showcases ALL.ART's expertise in developing impactful products that redefine digital asset and identity management in a decentralized world.

The essence of this partnership is a platform designed for the secure issuance of blockchain-based certificates. Coca-Cola HBC, as the certifying authority, utilizes the platform to generate certificates and distribute them to participants of its Digital Academy Program. Upon completion, recipients are notified to claim their certificates, which marks a significant advancement in digital credential management.

Once recipients claim their certificates, they are presented with two distinct options:

Minting as Solana NFT: Certificates can be minted as NFTs on the Solana blockchain, ensuring immutability and secure digital representation.

Social Network Sharing: Recipients can easily share their certificates on social media, showcasing their accomplishments to a broader audience. 

Milan Topolic, Technology Innovation Manager at Coca-Cola HBC, highlights the product's value: “The ability to issue verifiable blockchain-powered certificates has significantly enhanced the value and recognition of our Digital Academy training programs. is a game-changer in digital certification, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this innovation.” 

Following Topolic's insights, Vitomir Jevremovic, Founder of ALL.ART explores the next steps.

“High-quality, digitally signed metadata is crucial for integrating new types of digital objects onto the blockchain. The ability to handle and manage these contextualized digital objects—knowing their purpose and function—is essential for moving towards a tokenized future. Understanding the object's significance and ensuring its issuance is verified and certified on the blockchain is vital for achieving the trust that blockchain technology promises.

We are committed to leading this new wave of bringing verifiable certificates on-chain, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have a major partner like Coca-Cola innovating alongside us.” said Jevremovic. 

The adoption of blockchain in this context serves multiple essential purposes:

  • It prevents individuals from claiming qualifications they do not possess, which is crucial in professional and academic settings.
  • Supports lifelong learning, allowing easy addition of new skills and certifications.
  • Offers accessibility from anywhere worldwide, making it easier for individuals to share their qualifications with potential employers, educational institutions, or other relevant parties, regardless of geo-location.

Traditional certificates can be forged or altered easily, but a solution like this ensures that a certificate cannot be altered or counterfeited once a certificate is recorded on-chain. 

This partnership highlights the capabilities of Credentee, ALL.ART's new on-chain certification platform and is just the start of a series of innovative developments. It also paves the way for future projects where the AART Token plays a pivotal role, subtly integrating within the broader ecosystem of the ALL.ART collective.