ALL.ART’s Unity Wallet to Support Multiple Blockchains in one package!

ALL.ART’s Unity Wallet to Support Multiple Blockchains in one package!

Unleashing the Power of Cross-Chain Compatibility

We are thrilled to announce that our Unity Wallet solution is expanding its reach, and will now support a range of blockchain networks, in addition to the already successful Unity-Solana integration. Our commitment has recently been recognized with a grant to bring Unity integration to Sui blockchain, and we’re now taking it to the next level by supporting multiple chains in one package.

Our first version of the Unity-Solana Wallet has proven to be a game-changer, offering an easy-to-use plug-and-play experience for game and app developers. And now, with our expanded support for multiple chains, we’re bringing blockchain to wider audiences with a completely new approach.

The multi-chain wallet will support NFTs and digital assets with a new metadata standard that will bridge assets across chains with ease. This wallet solution will bring web3 into games and metaverses. It will enable easy integration of blockchain-enabled games and apps, no matter which chain they are using, or whether they are compatible with closed or open ecosystems.

Our ALL.ART Metaverse of Arts and Culture is at the forefront of this mission, bringing together all stakeholders and all chains to create an inclusive and vibrant community for artists and art lovers alike. The new Unity Wallet will first be integrated and tested in ALL.ART Metaverse, and then released as an open-source solution for a wider community adoption.

Join us on this exciting journey and shape the future of blockchain, gaming and art. Get ready to experience the power of our Unity Wallet 2.0.

If you haven’t already, check out the current Unity-Solana Wallet on GitHub.