Announcing ALL.ART IDO and NFT Drop

Announcing ALL.ART IDO and NFT Drop

ALL.ART Protocol will be conducting its $AART token IDO and NFT drop on the 21st of December, 2021, at 18:00 UTC.

ALL.ART Protocol will be conducting its $AART token IDO and NFT drop on the 21st of December, 2021, at 18:00 UTC. $AART is the native utility token of the protocol, used across its ecosystem of products, projects and services. This includes SolSea, the only open NFT marketplace on Solana, VR-All-Art, a metaverse of galleries and museums, Unity-Solana Wallet, an essential link between gaming developers and the Solana blockchain, as well as many upcoming products currently in development.

The IDO will use Mango-style sale mechanics, with one crucial addition — KYC/KYB. ALL.ART has partnered with Civic to ensure legal compliance and sustainable ecosystem development in the future, eliminating fraud and bots. All participants are, therefore, required to undergo whitelisting before the IDO to obtain a Civic Pass.

We invite all interested participants to apply as soon as possible; the final day for individuals to KYC is December 20, while the final day for institutions to KYB is December 17.

ALL.ART NFT IDO Collection

All participants of the IDO will be rewarded with NFTs from a unique collection — THE ALL.ART CIRCLEALL.ART will distribute the collection to all parties once the IDO ends. Rarity of the NFTs in the collection will be calculated based on several parameters. Learn more on this link.

The ALL.ART IDO NFTs will provide exclusive access to private chats and clubs, which will be the hubs of discussions about the protocol and its upcoming products and services. The utility of these NFTs will include early access to the ALL.ART Metaverse, access to pre-sales of high-value NFT collections, virtual assets for metaverses, exclusive exhibitions organized for ALL.ART NFT holders, airdrops for NFT holders, etc. Additionally, the NFTs from ALL.ART’s IDO collection will be exclusive tickets to the ALL.ART Universe and a chance to meet other participants of this unique IDO.

ALL.ART IDO Gold Goodie Box

On top of that, special gifts will be distributed to our contributors:

  • 100 VIP Goodie Boxes which include an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, two T-shirts, and stickers each; half of them will be awarded to our Top 50 contributors and half will be sent out randomly (lucky draw).
  • 200 Hoodie Boxes which include an exclusive ALL.ART IDO hoodie each will be awarded to our Top 51–250 contributors.
  • 1000 T-Shirt Boxes which include an exclusive ALL.ART IDO T-shirt each will be sent out to our Top 251–1250 contributors.

ALL.ART Special IDO Hoodie and T-Shirt

What is the ALL.ART Protocol?

The core of the ALL.ART Protocol is the new NFT infrastructure that supports creator economies and metaverses of the future. Metaverses are coming and NFTs play a key role in the transformation of digital ownership.

The ALL.ART Protocol defines upgraded NFT standards with embedded license rights and additional metadata crafted per industry needs stored on-chain, solving a major shortcoming of the current concept and opening doors to worldwide NFT adoption within a whole range of industries. We call this standard NFT-PRO.

IDO Mechanics

During this sale, 100.000.000 tokens (2% of the total supply) will be auctioned. As with all previous Mango style IDOs, the sale will be conducted in three phases:

Phase 1: the contribution period. Participants will have 24 hours to deposit USDC into a smart contract vault or withdraw USDC from it. During this phase, it is possible to both increase and decrease placed bids.

Phase 2: the grace period. This phase will occur during the next 24 hours of the sale. Contributors can withdraw their USDC if they consider the token price too high. During the second phase, there are no more deposits, only withdrawals.

The price of the $AART token is calculated real-time during the entire duration of the IDO, and it is based on the amount of USDC deposited in relation to the amount of $AART available.

Phase 3: the distribution period. Contributors will have a month to redeem purchased tokens to their wallets along with NFTs from the ALL.ART IDO collection.

ALL.ART Protocol’s big vision and dedication are directly reflected in its tokenomics. The only tokens circulating after the IDO will be the public sale tokens and the liquidity tokens. Locking/vesting periods for all other available tokens are long by design, to ensure stability and progress in the long run.

Detailed Tokenomics

ALL.ART’s mission is to lead the way toward the “NFTized” future. We can only do this with support from our community and by helping the NFT ecosystem grow, while continuously improving and creating better standards, tools, and products.

The $AART token is our fuel in this endeavor, incentivizing both old and new community members to participate in the NFT ecosystem. This will bring millions of new artists, industries, and companies into the world of blockchain, metaverses and NFTs.

Read our litepaper here.