Introducing a Custom-Designed License for Brands on SolSea! 📣

Introducing a Custom-Designed License for Brands on SolSea! 📣

After the successful collaboration with Coca-Cola with this brand-new license, SolSea is ready to introduce it to the world.


Get ready to embark on a new journey as we pull back the curtain on an innovative upgrade to our digital asset copyright license! 🚀

As the only NFT platform that grants creators the liberty to incorporate licenses during the minting process, SolSea continues to blaze a trail in the NFT marketplace. We understand that licenses are not mere tokens; they are significant tools that ensure creators’ rights are honored and well-guarded.

🤔 But First… What are SolSea licenses?

Since September 2021, we’ve had 4 licenses:

☝️ Personal and Non-Commercial Usage: This license lets you enjoy the NFT privately, for fun, not for making money. You can’t show it off in public places, except if it’s part of a collection or when you’re selling the NFT.

✌ Personal Public Display and Non-Commercial Usage: This license allows you to use the NFT for personal use without making money off it. You can use it as your digital signature, like avatars, profile pictures, and more. But remember, you can’t change the NFT.

👉 Public Display and Non-Commercial Usage: This license lets you show the NFT to the world at places like galleries, museums, or online exhibits. But it’s all for the love of art; you can’t earn money by displaying it.

🤝 Reproduction and Commercial Usage: This license allows you to use the NFT publicly and even make money from it. You can make copies, sell them, or use it to create new items like merchandise. But don’t forget, you can’t make major changes or adapt the NFT.

Today, we’re launching a groundbreaking new license tailored for brands looking to embark on an NFT journey: the “No Creator Financial Gain from Resale”. 🚀

🤔 Why the Update?

In our journey through the universe of digital assets, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of high-profile brands and independent creators. This has shed light on a pressing demand that we were eager to address:

legal aspects that a lot of brands need to deal with, from compliance to IP protection rights.

This new rule we’ve made is a real game-changer, especially for all the brands out there. They need it to protect not only their assets, but also their reputation and brand values.

Now, why is this so crucial for them? Brands often like to give away rewards or gifts to their fans and customers, instead of just selling NFTs to make a quick buck. They do this to say thanks, to get people talking about them, and to make a stronger bond with their followers.

Our new rule makes this super easy by letting NFT owners give their NFTs to others freely, while staying compliant.

Now, that’s what we call brand community empowerment! 💪

🤔So, What’s New?

Here are some definitions to help you navigate:

👉”Work” encapsulates those digital masterpieces — art, collectibles, or anything else our Creators* have crafted and linked to a unique, traceable NFT on the Solana blockchain. 🎨🖼️

*The Creators are the original minters of these NFTs, launching their voyage across the digital seas.

👉Enter the “Owners,” the proud holders of these NFTs, whether they’re the Creators before the first sale or the thrilled buyers afterwards.

☝️Remember, one NFT, one Owner at a time!☝️

This fresh License outlines the dynamic rights connected to your NFTs. Unless there’s another agreement in play, this License is your guiding star, shining light on your journey from the Creator to successive Owners.

☝️The Creator remains the sole author and copyright owner of the Work. They are the creative genius behind it all, possessing all legal rights, titles, and interests. The Work will always be their unique creation, while the Owner is granted specific limited rights, as set forth in this License. ☝️☝

🤔What About the Owners?

Owners, we’ve got you covered!

Provided you abide by the terms, the Creator grants you an exclusive, global, transferable, and non-sublicensable license on the Work. From reproducing to publishing and even creating derivative works, you’re empowered to do it all, within the confines of this License and the respect for the Creator’s moral rights. 🌐🎭🔁

Here’s the thrilling part:

👉The Creator won’t earn a resale royalty from secondary sales of the Purchased NFT. 👈

The Creator has chosen not to profit from the resale of the NFT on secondary markets, making this policy a real game-changer for brand promotion and customer loyalty programs.

🤔Anything Else?

First and foremost, let’s keep it respectful

Don’t associate your Purchased NFT with content promoting hatred, intolerance, or violence. We’re all about respect here! 🤝

Keep in mind, the License is tied to the NFT as long as you’re the Owner. Part ways with your NFT, and your rights under the License sail off to the new Owner. The power lies in the ownership! 🔄

We’re under the Swiss flag, so this License and everything it encompasses abides by Swiss laws.🇨🇭

So, ready to set sail on this thrilling voyage in the SolSea? Let’s continue to revolutionize the NFT landscape together! ⛵ We can’t wait to see the waves we’ll make together! 🌊🎉

If you have any questions about creating NFTs, legal aspects, or anything related, feel free to drop us a line at