The Revolutionary NFT-Metaverse Token

Token keyvisual 0cd73b12

What is the $AART?

$AART is the native digital, cryptographically-secure token of the ALL.ART Protocol. It is a transferable representation of utility functions specified in the protocol/code of ALL.ART, and it is designed to be used solely as an interoperability utility token of the protocol. $AART is a non-refundable, functional utility token that will be used as a medium of exchange between users of the protocol.

What are the $AART’S main features?

As the native infrastructure token of the ALL.ART Protocol, $AART will power all utility functions and provide liquidity in future creator economies based on NFTs. The $AART is a general-purpose, infrastructural utility token used in all services associated with the new NFT-PRO standard and the ALL.ART ecosystem elements, products, and partners.

The $AART will be used in all services and products released by ALL.ART Protocol and across its ecosystem. Further mechanics will be implemented in each product/service and elaborated separately.

The $AART will be used for trade fee reduction and paying fees, staking for better visual positioning and ranking, activating special features, services, and products, staking/insurance for validation, yield-farming, virtual estate purchasing and claims, etc.

One of $AART's utility functions is to provide automated liquidity in creator token pools, effectively igniting creator economies.

Where can you use the $AART

The $AART is currently listed on a number of exchanges and liquidity pools. Here you can trade, swap stake or farm with the $AART:

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